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Price to mint 0.1 ETH


VentiHeadz are utility NFTs that earn rewards through staking and gaming!


VentiHeadz are the first NFTs created by Ventirion. Ventirion is a Blockchain Technology company that is developing and launching several products: VentiSwap (launched), VentiWallet (in development), VentiHeadz Tour (in development),  VST Staking (launched), VentiHeadz Staking (launched) and much more!


What is VentiHeadz Tour? It's Mario Kart on steroids with the ability to P2E and wager (gamble)!


What tokens can be earned or wagered in VentiHeadz Tour?


P2E (vs CPU): VST


Wagered (Multi-Player): $VST, $ETH, $XRP and $BTC!


Where will it be made available? iOS and Android!


When will it launch? April 2024!


Do I have to own a VentiHeadz NFT to play? YES!


Where can I get one?

Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 1.49.50 PM.png










For every 25 VentiHeadz minted, we will be selecting 1 winner (wallet address) from that mint block on the blockchain! That's 194 winners that will win 0.25 in ETH!

After all have minted, we will also be randomly selecting 100 VentiHeadz on Opensea to buyback in ETH for the same price minted (0.1 ETH)!

Didn't win any of the above mentioned prizes? Don't worry! All are able to trade-in their VentiHeadz for $VST (VentiSwap Token)!


Here is the breakdown of what the funds raised from minting will be used for!

A % will be used to payout all of the contest and prize winners!

$100,000 will be used to inject additional liquidity to the VentiSwap Token (when paired with $VST = $200,000 in liquidity)!

A % will go towards listing fees for CEX listings we have been approved for!

$88,000 will be used for buybacks of $VST to increase value and support of the VentiSwap Token!

will be donated to our partners at CoinMerge (CMOS) to help in their continuation of their development!

A % will be used for massive marketing efforts!

A % will be used for our continuation of development of our entire ecosystem!

A % will be used as payment to those that have assisted in the marketing efforts of VentiHeadz and VentiHeadz Tour!

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